term 2

so like
i was talking 2 gwen
and she was like hey
you shud like totally post
and i was like oh really???, like why can't you post?
and she was like
well coz i got 2 blogs 2 like take care of!
and i was like WTF?? fine! -.-

so here now i am

ummm....term 2 of VCE
and that can only mean a coupla things!
more work more sacs more stress more EVERYTHING, well the bad stuff anyways
i think......well, hopefully its going 2 b an alrite term
but we hav mid years -.- GAR!!
i hav physics! and thats it! thank GAWD!! i'd die if i had anymore.....
but then i gotta prepare a shyteload 4 chink and everything -.-
soooo not FUN @ ALL!!!

but i guess everyday brings it closer 2 the end of the year and eventually!! we'll all b in uni and a whole new world will b @ our feet!
and then it brings all the courses and big decisions =.="
not happy JAN!!!

anyways! why the hell am i bloggin!?!? maybe coz im bored atm and i ceebs with the english oral -.- im going 1st in my class...on monday.....FML!!!


Ashlophile Take 2!

hee heeeeeeee!
you know I <3 youu :P


YAY!! its CNY!!!
LOTSA MULAHH! and hong BAO!!
YAY!! money money money!!!
but...i doubt ill b able gettin that much


box Hill is PAcked!! very much like china..except there more gwei lo's now
probs coz they wanna see what the fuss is all about

1st Day of the Last Year of school life (if that makes sense)

Woke up at about 9.30am this morning and suddenly realised that the first day of school has started!
Got dressed and got to school at about 10.00am?
Saw heapsa Yr 12 people who look really senior in their Yr 12 jumpers (PS: I've yet to get mine!)
Talked for a bit before going into assembly. Got briefed by the teachers and school captains!
Went out and walked to respective classes, I was at C3 with Squishieee!
Got our timetables and locker numbers and theatre seat numbers. I have 3 days where I can go back early and 1 day to sleep in! (Namely, tomorrow! hahah awesomenest!)
I found out that my teachers aren't superbad this year, but I prefer my last year's teachers more...
Walked to locker bays and found out I got middle locker. thanks to the guy between Janice and I who left...
Switched lockers with Squishiee so now I have the top one, right outside the library, which is like the ultimately best locker spot anyone can get ^^

Discovered that Ashlophile is in my Chem class, which makes school life pretty good so far, and the teacher didn't seem too horrible :P
Lunch was okay, found the rest of the group hanging out in the common room at one of the tables at the back...

After lunch, went to methods in G6 which is like the last class right next to the basketball court under construction. Vess, Karlie and Alice Wei was in my class! Awesome people!
Got jealous as Maggie, Ashlophile and Squishiee got to leave early >=(

Got my blazer back from the sick bay, embroidered stuff was so not worth paying, but I guess it's for show so it's okay...

Conclusion: school this year is gonna rock! (hopefully...?)

Have a VCE background, LOL!

Ashlee returns :)

I'm back from my awesome trip and the whole way home i was thinking how much i wanted to be back in Malaysia. Sat on Malaysia airlines for the 8 hour trip home and i laugh at klipp who is stuck on crappy air asia. Enjoy your flight. LOL

This trip back to Malaysia was very packed and far from lazing around doing nothing. One things for sure though I never ever went hungry. In fact i felt full almost every minute in KL. Thanks to my over-caring grandma and the fact that she has a restaurant full of food to serve to you. One thing different about this trip was that we weren't being driven around. Dad decided that he could handle the malaysian roads. Because of this i have slightly learned many of KL's suburbs and the general direction of a few places mostly everything is just "off the highway". haha. Many people say that traffic in KL is really bad. It sort of is but i think the worst thing is the way they built their roads. One wrong turn and you're practically done for, which i learnt when what was supposed to be a 15 minute trip turned to a 45 minute one. Anyway to sum up Malaysia it was mainly getting together with family (my moms side seems so big the family could make up the population of a small village), shopping! (overweight on the way back, but lucky the guy for some reason didn't weigh our luggage), eating and more eating.

Went to Singapore for 4 days. This country is totally awesome for an asian country. But i guess it's because it's known as the "fine city". You get fined for everything. I took a photo of one of the signs. Maybe i'll put it up later when i can be bothered. The streets are sooooooo cleaan and there isn't any black mould growing on buildings (like there is in KL), and no-one owns a car over 10 years old. oh and the transportation system is amazing, puts melbourne to shame which brings up another question- how long does it take to get myki working?- the wait seems to be endless. Anyway back to the "no-one owns a car over 10 years old". Yeah there is no such thing as second hand cars there. The use of Public transport is enforced heavily. The way they do this is that before you are allowed to own a car you ave to buy a certificate that lasts 10 years. On average this costs $40000 sing dollars. You can buy a bloody car with that. That 40grand doesn't buy you a car, its so ridiculous it buys you a piece of paper that lasts 10 years saying you're allowed to own a car. I don't even know how people can afford their luxury cars, but they do. Me and the fam stayed at a really nice hotel and it was just off a shopping strip. But i found that shopping in Singapore is hard because the exchange rate is practically 1-1. Not only that but all the shopping places on Orchard road are so branded you can't get anywhere if you're not willing to spend over $300 a piece. They still have your middle class stuff but its mainly all high end.

Oh and taxis are super cheap in Singapore. That and the MRT was our main transport around the city. If you guys ever go to Singapore you should go to the zoo. It's really really really good. Definitely worth a look. And they also have a theme park thing. like a mini disneyland opening soon in Sentosa island. I think Singapore would be good for short vacations.

Moving on. Also went to Bangkok for about 5 days. Don't really like the city, traffic is horrible, pollution is just as bad, dirty, things aren't actually that cheap despite the exchange rate, food is shit, and my hotel receptionist was a tranny. - very uncomfortable and a shock-. Although i do think its normal in Thailand. They do shows on trannys and they seem to be everywhere. First night in Bangkok was really bad because we didnt have anyone to show us around. So we blindly walked and took the MTR to the last station where being mislead by my uncle there was supposed to be a night market. Guess what. Never found it. Few days after went to around the same area and found the market to be no where near walking distance. Even asking locals for directions was a hassle. They didn't know ANY english, they don't seem to know the own roads in their own country and are not capable in any way of giving directions. However getting lost we walked around and I saw how all these people live in so much poverty. We walked all these backlanes and this was in the middle of the city. It was so dirty, and the housing they lived in was so unhygenic. I was also very scared for my safety because i've heard from so many people how unsafe the city is. *shudder* seriously thought someone would jump out from the shadows and attack me. and some people try to sell you things and ask you to follow them. terrible. Anyway enough about the bad. I had fun riding on these little open cars. Its like a motorcycle fused to cart thing with chairs. I'll out a photo of that up too. Its got 3 wheels and seriously it can go really fast. They call them tuk-tuks and they just zoom in and out of traffic. Pretty cool. Also rode on an elephant. oh we saw all these elephant shows. They are so cute. They flap their massive ears and do their elephant laugh, and they can sit and roll over. They are also very greedy when it comes to food. I got to feed them :)

Okay. I congratulate you if you managed to read up to here. Getting lazy can't be bothered typing more up.

I'll update soon.


Hows holidays going??
about 3 weeks before we start year 12 yo! =/
I haven't finish my holiday homework yet..only Methods is done, and a bit of Chem... I'm so screwed
whenever I start a homework, I get distracted by the computer and Facebook too easily!
Should I ban myself from facebook for a year? at least till VCE is over?

Anyways, I've found a new hobby! Making Banners/Icons/Wallpapers on Photoshop! ^^
I've found the time to read and earn how to do the basics but for some reason it makes me feel pretty pro :P

Example: The banner on this blog and my own blog :P

 woohoo! doesn't it look cool? haha

Made the background for my sister...

Feel free to take and use it! :P

Till next time!
Ciaoz =)